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Student stories

So many amazing experiences await you when you take the plunge to study or train in another country. Not only do you enhance the value of your qualification you also embark on a life-changing and rewarding journey.

Studying overseas allows you to immerse yourself in an entirely new cultural setting. Cultural differences are more than just differences in language, food, appearances, and personal habits. You experience first-hand that country’s perceptions, beliefs and values.

There is also no better and more effective way to learn a language than living in a place that doesn’t speak your first language. Being surrounded by the language everyday and hearing it used in context, not the artificial environment of a classroom, is great for your language skills.

An international study experience gives you the opportunity to meet new people. You get to know the local people and also fellow international students, giving you a ready-made international friendship and professional network. It’s also a great opportunity to travel to new places. Weekends and academic breaks allow you to venture out and explore your surroundings.

Overseas study is also a great resume booster. Many employers recognise that people who have spent time overseas for study have international skills that are in increasing demand.

More than anything studying overseas is an opportunity to learn about yourself, discover new strengths and abilities, conquer new challenges, and solve new problems. You will encounter situations that are wholly unfamiliar to you and will learn to adapt and respond in effective ways.

Get inspired by these overseas study experiences completed by Australian students: