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Guide Resources

SECTION B: Strategy in Outbound Mobility

SECTION C: Budgets and Finance

SECTION D: Outbound Mobility Planning

SECTION E: Staffing and Structure

SECTION F: Using Technology

SECTION G: Funding: Scholarships, Grants and OS-HELP

SECTION H: Partnerships, Agreements, Balances and Due Diligence

SECTION I: Risk Management, Insurance and Critical Incidents

SECTION J: Working with Campus Stakeholders

SECTION K: Working with Faculty

SECTION L: Types of Outbound Opportunities: What they are and how Institutions Handle them

SECTION M: Exchange Program Management

SECTION N: Establishing New Mobility Projects

SECTION O: Promoting Programs

SECTION P: Pre-departure Preparation and Whilst Abroad


SECTION R: Credit and Acknowledging Experiences